Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Holiday Gift...From the Future!

by Sam Thomas

I know what you're thinking:

"I'd like to give copies of THE MIDWIFE'S TALE to all my friends for Christmas, but it doesn't come out until January. What should I do?" 

(Okay, you might not have been thinking this, but one person was, and he wrote about it after reading The Puzzle Doctor's review of my book.)

Fret not - I've got you covered.

Send me an email letting me know that you've pre-ordered a copy of The Midwife's Tale, and I'll send you a nifty postcard (shown here) with a picture of the cover and some of the nice things people have said about the book. It's got a nice glossy front, and the back features a bit of the jacket copy, and a blank area where I can write a personal note, or you can write your message.

Put that in an envelope (which I'll include free of charge!) and you're all set.

You can reach me through my webpage, Facebook, or the old fashioned know, email.

Happy holidays everyone!

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